Countdown to Balloon Poppers (2009)
Due Monday, Nov. 16

  (Days: Hrs: Min: Sec)  

Balloon Popper Project 
The big project for the 2nd quarter  involves creating a gravity-powered chain reaction (domino effect ) sequence that will transport a marble through a series of ramps & simple machines in order to pop one or more balloons.  Simple machines include levers, inclined planes, pulleys, wheel & axle, wedge, and screw.  Funnels count as simple machines as well, since we need a convenient way to turn corners on the 3 ft. tall by 2 ft. wide board. Generally it works best if the board stands up by itself on "feet."  

Illustrations are available on the web for how to construct Stands, the Supplies needed, and ideas for Layout & Design &  Basic Items needed on the board.  Check out the
Balloon Popper webpage for specific instructions on DIMENSIONS, MATERIALS, POSTER, GRADING RULES, PARTNERS, AND CHALLENGES.

The purpose of this physics project is to give students the opportunity to create a "contraption" of their own design that will test their ability to put physics concepts into action. This system is affected by gravity and friction.  How students meet the challenges of keeping the marble rolling as it moves past levers, pulleys, wheel & axles, wedges, and inclined planes determines the success of the project.