Fatherhood Links
(A partial list of links found on the National Fatherhood Initiative website, www.fatherhood.org)

At Home Dads Convention  
  This site is for Stay At Home Dads (SAHD), primary caregiving fathers, and their families.
Be a Fan of Your Kid  
  Be A Fan of Your Kid provides dads and father figures with tips, suggestions and resources on positive fathering and how to be better role models for their kids.
Boot Camp for New Dads  
  Boot Camp For New Dads is a non-profit organization which was formed in 1988 and has emerged as the nation's preeminent information resource for new dads.This unique community education program for first-time fathers has Boot Camp veterans, together with their new babies (two to three months old), show the ropes to soon-to-be-dads. The new dads return as veterans, continuing the cycle, offering their best advice to the next class. Our strengths lie in learning from each other.
  Tips and tools for men who are looking to succeed in business and in fatherhood.
Center for Fathers, Families, and Workforce Development  
  In 1993 as a part of the Baltimore Healthy Start Project, Joseph T. Jones, Jr. developed the Men's Services Program to engage men in the fight against infant mortality and low-birth weight babies. Ultimately, this involved providing those support services which would enable fathers to become more active in the lives of their children. Using an intensive case management framework and peer mentoring and support, the Men's Services Program addresses life skills development and the removal of barriers to parental involvement and employment. The program's product: a father who is a positive role model in his community as well as emotionally and financially supportive of his children and family.
Center for Successful Fathering  
  Center for Successful Fathering's mission is to increase the awareness of men and women about the essential role fathers play in raising their children, provide dads and potential fathers with timely and relevant skills to assist them in becoming the best dads they can be to their children, develop and disseminate fathering information to increase the understanding of obligations and responsibilities fathers have in raising their children, and remove the obstacles of misconception which sustain the conclusion that fathers are obsolete.
Center on Fathering  
  Center on Fathering provides programs and services which strengthen, encourage, and support fathers to be actively, and positively, involved in the care and development of their children.
Center on Fathers, Families, and Public Policy  
  The Center on Fathers, Families, and Public Policy (CFFPP) is a nationally-focused public policy organization conducting policy research, technical assistance, training, litigation and public education in order to focus attention on the barriers faced by never-married, low-income fathers and their families.
Conscious Fathering Program  
  If there is ever time in our lives that paves the way for growth, it is when we become parents. Join us and explore, define and plan your own individual fatherhood.
Dad Power  
  DadPower is devoted to helping fathers promote child health and welfare. Kids growing up without emotional support from their fathers can be prone to poor performance at school, dropping out, engaging in early sexual activity, developing alcohol and drug problems, and experiencing or perpetrating violence.
Dads and Daughters  
  Dads and Daughters is the national, nonprofit membership group for fathers with daughters. Dads and Daughters provides fathers with tools to strengthen our relationships with our daughters and to transform the pervasive messages that value our daughters more for how they look than who they are.
Down to Earth Dad  
  Down to Earth Dad is a monthly newsletter dedicated to providing dads with tools to build stronger bonds with their kids.
Dual Career Dads  
  Advice For Fathers In Dual-Income Families: Free Practical How-To Information For Being The Best Dad You Can Be.
Family eJournal  
  Family eJournal's goal is to improve family connectedness by allowing parents and their children to share their thoughts and feelings through online, guided communication. Connect with your family like never before. You answer the professional prepared questions, online. Only your family reads the answers. Every family can benefit from improved communication.
Father Daughter Valentine Dance  
  We have a vision to see every community in the country establish Father Daughter Valentine Dances to provide a special evening out for dad and his girl. These dances are intended to be fun without all the pressures of alcohol and drugs etc... We want to empower dads to set a dating standard for their daughters.
Father Matters  
  Father Matters is a non-profit organization with the sole purpose of seeing that fathers become the best fathers they can be. Our main goal is to commit dads to encouragement, support, and accountability with other fathers, as well as themselves.
Fatherhood Educational Institute  
  NFI Affiliate The purpose of the Fatherhood Educational Institute is to introduce and instruct indigent and incarcerated fathers regarding fatherhood through the use of clinical and related educational tools to promote fatherhood in poverty stricken neighborhoods and in the general public through events and any other means of educating the public on the importance of patriarchal involvement in children's lives.
Fatherhood Project, Families and Work Institute  
  Perhaps the oldest national fatherhood organization in the country, the Fatherhood Project is a national research and education project that examines the future of fatherhood and develops ways to support men's involvement in child rearing, as well as practical strategies to support fathers and mothers in their parenting roles.
Fathers First!  
  Fathers First! is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the heart and art of fathering. Our mission is to support fathers, elevate fatherhood, and challenge stereotypes. Our site includes tips and advice found nowhere else, reviews of the best fathering books and best fathering sites to save you time, and includes an optional e-mailing list to keep you automatically updated.
Fathers Matter Web Board  
  This Board was set up to give fathers a place to discuss ideas or thoughts they encounter while parenting.
Fathers' Resource Center  
  Fathers' Resource Center is a nonprofit family service agency located in Minneapolis, Minnesota and serving the Twin City metropolitan area. The Center takes a moderate stance which is pro-father but not at the expense of women. Their philosophy is that by helping fathers become more capable and involved parents that fathers, mothers, children and subsequently, all society will benefit. Our mission is to provide men with the inner resources to be the kind of father their children need.
Fathers Workshop  
  The Fathers Workshop strives to develop community fatherhood initiatives that support, counsel, educate, advocate and challenge fathers to become a strong positive force within their families. Fathers are encouraged to become role models willing to provide the loving leadership and guidance necessary to nurture their children.
Fathers' World  
  Father's World is about all types of fathers, Single Fathers, Stay At Home Fathers, The Family Father,the Divorced Father and their families but our main focus is about being a better father.
  Stories, Ideas, and Activities to Encourage Generative Fathering.
For Dads  
  For Dads! is an all-purpose site for Dads and those that love them. It includes gifts for Dads, activities for Dads to share with their kids, parenting resources & more. It's a place where Dad's can meet to exchange stories, jokes, advice and just "shoot the bull". It's a place where new and expectant Dad's can learn the tricks of the trade. And it's a big collection of links and resources of interest to dads. If you're a Dad, hopefully you'll find something here that will make your life easier, or make you a better Dad, or a cooler one. And above all, it's a place to hang out and feel great about being a Dad.
Full-Time Dads Magazine  
  Full-Time Dads Magazine serves as a community newsletter for all fathers with open forums and open submissions. The goal of Full-Time Dads is to enhance and promote the role of fathers in the family and society.
Great Dads  
  Great Dads was founded by Dr. Robert Hamrin in 1996 to help turn the hearts of fathers toward their children. Their mission is to provide seminars across America that train fathers in The 6 Basics of Being a Great Dad and supportive resources, particularly Great Dads Gathering Place, our website loaded with everyting a dad needs to be a Great Dad.
Institute for Responsible Fatherhood & Family Revitalization  
  The Institute for Responsible Fatherhood & Family Revitalization a home-based grassroots non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization dedicated to encouraging fathers to become involved in the lives of their children in a loving, compassionate, and nurturing way. The program began sixteen years ago in Cleveland, Ohio and to date has served more than 4,000 fathers in six cities.
Me and My Dad -- Strengthening Relationships between Dads & Kids  
National Center for Fathering  
  Their mission "is to inspire and equip men to be better fathers. In response to the dramatic trend toward fatherlessness in America, the Center was founded in 1990 by Dr. Ken Canfield to conduct research on fathers and fathering and to develop practical resources for dads in nearly every fathering situation."
National Compadres Network  
  NCN is a national effort whose focus is the reinforcement of the positive involvement of Latino males in the lives of their children and families.
National Congress for Fathers & Children  
  NCFC is a 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization with an Elected Board of Directors, Continuously Serving the Fathers Rights Movement Since 1981.
National Practitioners Network for Fathers and Families  
  NPNFF is a national membership organization for people and programs working to increase the responsible involvement of fathers in the lives of their children.
RAPP Program and Basic Training for Young Dads  
  NFI AffiliateWorks with young dads to improve parenting skills.
Single and Custodial Fathers Network  
  Single and Custodial Fathers Network is a member supported organization, dedicated to helping fathers to meet the challenge of being custodial parenting. SCFN seeks to provide informational and support resources to these custodial fathers and their families.
  Operated by a stay at home dad who believes fathers are the best resource for other fathers, this site aims to be "home of the best web sites for fathers."
The Fatherhood Forum  
  The Fatherhood Forum is about fathering as generative work, and removing the barriers that make it difficult for fathers to be as important as mothers are to their children's emotional and psychological development. This forum discusses current and emerging issues and research on fathering as generative work and responsible fathering. Recommendations for reform are offered concerning fatherhood identity, status, and role responsibilities, child custody decrees, and access determination.
The National Center on Fathers and Families (NCOFF)  
  The mission of the National Center on Fathers and Families (NCOFF) is to improve the life chances of children and the efficacy of families and to support the conduct and dissemination of research that advances the understanding of father involvement.
The Resource Center for Fathers & Families  
  The Resource Center for Fathers & Families, with six offices in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area, has created programs designed to enhance the role of fathers in full parenthood and full partnership in parenting their children. Includes a list of resources for fathers in Minnesota.
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Fatherhood Initiative  
  On June 16, 1995, President Clinton requested every agency of the Federal government to review its programs and policies to strengthen the role of fathers in families. Under the leadership of Secretary Donna E. Shalala and Deputy Secretary Kevin Thurm, the Department has undertaken activities that recognize and support the roles of fathers in families.
Virginia Fatherhood Campaign  
  The Virginia Fatherhood Campaign, a collaboration between the National Fatherhood Initiative and the Virginia Department of Health and Human Services, is a statewide initiative to improve the health and social outcomes of children through father involvement.
Wisconsin Fatherhood Initiative  
  A statewide collaboration between Governor Tommy Thompson's office, the National Fatherhood Initiative, and a variety of state and private agencies, who are working together to promote responsible fatherhood in Wisconsin.