Florida Keys Trip Chaperones for '08
1. Mr. Tom Clauset
2. Mrs. Carol Taylor
3. Mrs. Karen Purdee
4. Mr. Justin Marckel
5. Mr. James Mitchell
6. Dr. Yun Sun
7. Mr. Pete Morris
8. Mrs. Terri Springer
9. Mrs. Sue Richardson

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This is a GREAT trip! Students love it  The 7th grade HAG class has taken a spring marine biology trip to the Everglades & Florida Keys every year since the spring of 1992 and over the years we have developed time-tested routines to handle ALL situations. Parents say in post-trip evaluations that this is simply the BEST trip their child has ever taken in all their K-12 years of school. It is the most organized  & is the one their children talk about the MOST (even years afterwards!) -- and they ultimately felt quite confident that their child would have a safe and unique learning opportunity.

April, 2008 --- Email Edition #1

Clothing & Equipment List
for the
Florida Keys Trip

Students should “travel light” and pack everything into a medium-sized duffel bag or suitcase. A small carry-on bag for books, tapes, and personal items may be taken on the bus (A school bookbag works fine for this.) and kept in the overhead storage racks. EACH ITEM should be labeled with the student's name. Remember, there are over 90 students going on this trip and students need to be able to locate their clothing & equipment easily! Please limit candy & additional snack foods. NOTE:  Please look at the Royal Tours bus regulations on food & snacks.

Tom Clauset
Editor, 7HG Florida Keys Gazette

____Two (2) tubes of sunscreen -- (spf 30+ or stronger; and "waterproof")
4-5 outfits -- (pack 3 shorts, 6 T-shirts, 5 socks, 5 underwear )
Long-sleeve sun shirt -- (lightweight cotton with collar)
One pair of jeans or long pants
____Nylon parka or jacket & baseball-style hat
(for bright sunlight!)
Pair of old sneakers for night wade -- (Yes, they will get muddy )
Comfortable walking shoes -- (regular school sneakers are fine)
2 Bathing suits -- (each one labeled with student's name)
2 Towels & 1 washcloth -- (Please do NOT bring brand new, long length,
               or "fluffy" towels. They take forever to dry out. Label each one!)
Sleepwear -- (one set)
Normal toiletries -- (+ soap in a plastic container, shampoo, deodorant,
             BANDAIDS, hair brush or comb, toothbrush & toothpaste, and
             insect repellant)

3-4 pens & pencils with miniature pencil sharpener -- (in ziplock bag)
____2 felt-tip medium point pens (not permanent or "Sharpies" -- they bleed
             through paper! -- for outlining pictures & illustrations in Trip Journal)
Colored pencils for field sketches-- (in ziplock bag )
Bookbag -- (you may use this as your “carry-on bag” for the bus)
Small Flashlight -- (labeled with your name & with fresh batteries)
Bedroll (2 sheets & light blanket) -- or -- sleeping bag
(Put name on pillow & case)
2 Plastic Bags -- (medium-sized for packing wet clothes & wet sneakers)

____Small tape, CD, or MP3 player (no external speakers allowed: only
              headphones); cassettes or CDs; electronic games (labeled)
Camera -- (with extra film & new batteries........ label camera!)
Deck of cards -- (bring in zip lock bag)
Nylon strap, “Teva-style” sandals  (fine for camp)  [No Flip flops!]
Small board games -- (bring bag for tiny board pieces)
Books or magazines -- (for the long bus rides)
              (NOTE: Excessive amounts of candy or snacks will be confiscated!)


NO cell phones
NO DVD Players
NO Flip flops

Every item
that students bring
should be
labeled with
their name!

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