Chemistry Guide -- High School Hub:  A free on-line interactive learning center for chemistry students. Includes general chemistry, organic chemistry, lab experiments, periodic table elements, Ask the experts, etc.

The Case of Esmeralda Graffenhutch -- 7th grade Chemistry Mystery.  Who killed Esmerelda?

Chemistry Coach -- High School Chemistry Resources on the Web. Includes a variety of general topics, definitions of chemical terms, a periodic table website link, constancts & equations.

Chemistry Internet Resources for High School Students -- On-Line Periodic Tables, MSDS and Safety Sites, Journals, Zines, & Listserves, Chemistry organizations, pages with chemistry pointers, special chemistry topics

Chemistry Web Resources -- Atomic website, ChemWeb Online, Wilton HS Chemistry, Proton Don periodic table quiz, Atomic bonding, History of Chemistry, Molecule of the Month, Tour of an atom.

Kitchen Chemistry -- sponsored by PBS for Kids, includes "The Virtual Kitchen," and "The Reality Kitchen"

Beginning Chemistry
If you're looking for some good sites for chemistry, this is a good starting point. From simple explanations to tools to experiments; we have a little bit of everything for the beginning chemistry student. --
University of Wisconsin-Madison Chemistry Professor Bassam Z. Shakhashiri

If you're just starting to study Chemistry, this is a nice site to get a simple overview of the subject. Covering the elements, atoms, matter, biochemistry, and types of chemical reactions, Rader does a good job of making the basics clearly understandable.  Source:

The Best Periodic Tables
Some of the most interesting periodic tables on the Internet are brought together in this collection. If you are studying chemistry, this is not to be missed. Source: ClassBrain

Advanced Interactive Periodic Table
Download this excellent periodic table from Los Alamos National Laboratory. It will take awhile to download if you're on a dial-up (2.8 mb), but if you're studying chemistry it's a great tool to have!  PDF format - Adobe Acrobat required

Molar Conversions & Atom Buttons
The Molar Conversion interactive conversion tool allows you to convert moles to particles, grams to moles, particles to grams and more. Scroll down the page and you’ll find the Atom Buttons Tool. This specialized periodic table allows you to click on multiple elements and find the molecule’s total atomic mass. Very Cool! Source: Jon Glasman

Science is fun in the Lab of Shakhashiri

Chemical of the Week- Chemistry 103
These handouts cover topics such as Liquid crystals, gases that emit light, and sulfuric acid. The writing is clear and understandable, although it may be a little challenging for some readers.

Chemical of the Week - Chemistry 104
These handouts cover more advanced topics, such as ammonia, the color of gemstones, fats and oils, and polymers.

Home Experiments
This is where things get fun. Do some of these experiments to get a feel of how chemistry effects our everyday life. Choose from such topics as bending water, rubber bands and heat, and fizzing and foaming.

Source:       University of Wisconsin-Madison Chemistry Professor Bassam
                    Z. Shakhashiri

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