Student Information Survey

Dear Parents,

Please tell us about your child! Your responses below will help us get to know
your youngster and allow us to more quickly design an educational program that
will meet his or her needs this year.

Please fill in the top SIX fields and then write at least one comment for each of the SEVEN sections below.
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teachers at Hanes Middle School.

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Please share with us any information you feel is pertinent.

1. Health Issues:  Any issues of which classroom teachers should be aware?

2. Sports / Lessons:  Any regular after school or weekend sports or lessons?

3. Social / Emotional: How does he or she get along with others?  Special concerns?

4. Favorite Subjects:  Think back to 4th, 5th, & 6th grades.

5. LEAST Favorite Subjects: Think back to 4th, 5th, & 6th grades.

6. Hobbies / Pets: Tell us what your child likes to do in his or her free time.

7. Comments / Requests: This one is open-ended. (Free writing -- It's up to you...)
Let us know in this section if you would like an email response to the survey.  
Address your question to a particular teacher
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If you don't mention that you would like a response, then THANK YOU in advance for filling out the
survey and we will share the results among teachers on the team. We appreciate your sharing your
knowledge of your son or daughter with us.  The more we know the better "fit" we can make between
the educational program and your child.