7th HAG Program Evaluation (11/06)

Dear Parents,

We believe the educational program we have put together for your child this year is unique, challenging, and well-balanced. In addition we have worked hard to keep up a constant flow of information to you about what is happening in school.  With your input we hope to fine-tune our program even further.  Please take a few minutes to respond to the 3 short information fields at the top and 8 question boxes listed below.  So often we do not hear about parents' concerns (both positive AND negative) until the end of the school year. Then, it is really too late to make effective changes for your son or daughter.  Here is your chance to sound off and help guide us in developing the best educational program for your child that we can provide.  

Please complete the entire form (3 short answer fields at the top & 8 answer boxes below).  When you click on "Submit" at the bottom of the form, your evaluation will be sent to Mr. Clauset and shared with 7th HAG Wolf Team teachers at Hanes Middle School.  

Mr. Clauset, Ms. Dell, Mrs. Purdee, Mrs. Taylor



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Would you like a reply?
NO -- This evaluation is just FYI (for your information)

If you responded "YES" above and would like answers to your
questions or simply feedback on your observations, it would be
helpful if we knew from which teacher you would like an email
response.  So, please take a look at the list below and .... Enter the names
of all the teachers that apply!

Ms. Dell (Language Arts), Mrs. Taylor (Math), Mr. Clauset (Science), Mrs. Purdee (Social Studies)


Tell us about your impressions -- How has your child responded to the program in each area?

1. Communications Skills / Language Arts / English (Ms. Dell)

2. Mathematics -- Foundations & Algebra (Mrs. Taylor)

3. Science (Mr. Clauset)

4. Social Studies (Mrs. Purdee)

5. Grade Reports, Newsletters, Emails, Phone Calls
How are we doing on getting information to you about how your child is performing academically
and about what is happening each week in class?  Have you found each teacher's web site useful in
keeping up with homework assignments and in learning about classroom activities?

06. Compliments:
Tell us what you LIKE about the program or your child's academic classes.

07. Complaints:
Tell us what you would like to have IMPROVED or CHANGED
in the program for your son or daughter.

08. Special Things You Would Like Us to Know
About Your Son or Daughter:
These can be health issues, learning issues, social issues, or family issues --
anything you think we should know about in order to better work with your son or daughter.