Tell what each of the keyboard shortcuts below will do:


  1. CTRL    1


  1. CTRL    9


  1. CTRL    J  12


  1. CTRL   A


  1. CTRL   B


  1. CTRL   C


  1. CTRL   Z


  1. CTRL   X


  1. CTRL   H


  1. CTRL   K


  1. CTRL   M


  1. CTRL   N


  1. CTRL   O


  1. CTRL   S


  1. CTRL   T


  1. CTRL  V


  1. CTRL  Y


  1. CTRL   >


  1. CTRL   <


  1. CTRL  G


  1. shift + tab






22.     Edit a button?  Change a button transition on a button that has already been made?




23.     Resize a button that is too wide or too tall?








24.  Resize a non-scrolling text window (caption?)




25.  Reposition a graphic object? 




26.  Make a text window “read only”?




27.  Change the line width without using the menu bar?




28.  Make the rectangle tool fill with the color you have chosen using only the rectangle tool?




29. Keep the paint bucket tool from filling the entire screen with color?




30.  Remove all the menu bars in your stack in one step?




31. Change the size or shape of the paintbrush?





32.  Reduce the size of a graphic picture without it getting weird looking and splotchy?





33. Name 2 things NOT to do with a floppy disk or zip disk.





34.  At the top right hand of the PC screen (on the blue document title bar) are three symbols:  underline, 1 or 2 rectangles, and a large X.  What do these three buttons do?