Quiz #1 – Why is the Ocean Salty?


1.   Know how much salt is in the oceans.


2.   Know the story about Gandhi’s “Salt Walk” in India and what he knew about the salt content of sea water.


3.   Learn the steps in the Hydrologic Cycle and how salt enters the oceans & why & how it is left behind when water evaporates.


4.      Learn these numbers:  a) Percent of water covering the earth’s surface; b) Salinity of sea water.


5.   Know the two elements contained in table salt & the chemical formula for salt.


6.      Know 4 critters that take calcium out of sea water. Know 1 critter that takes silica out of sea water.


7.      Know what coral is made of & it’s chemical formula.


8.      Has the ocean always been as salty as it is now?


9.      Know 2 places where the ocean is saltier than out in the middle of the Atlantic & where it is NOT as salty.