Quiz #11 -- Porifera & Plankton


1.  All about SPONGES:  a) Sponges belong to what phylum? b) The living sponge animal is supported by a skeleton of fibers called ...........; c) Water enters a sponge through holes called ..........; d) Water leaves the sponge through holes called ..........; e) The water pumping action in a sponge is provided by collar cells.  What are they called? f) What is the name for cells that take in food? g) Sponges have a thin and tight layer that acts much like skin.  What kind of cells make up this layer? h) What is the name of the cells that regulate the opening and closing of porocytes?


2.  Name 4 creatures that call sponges “home.”


3.  Define the word “plankton.”


4.  What does the Greek word “planktos” mean?


5. Why do plankton tend to sink?  How do they stop from sinking?


6. All about PLANKTON:  a) What are plant members of plankton called? b) Name three types of plant plankton; c) What are microscopic animals called? d) What are animal plankton that are plankton all their lives? e) What are animal plankton for only part of their lives?