Quiz #2 – Estuaries & Salt Marshes


1.       Know the definition of an “estuary” and the definition of a “salt marsh.”


2.       Know why they are called “the cradle of the ocean?”


3.       Know what a “larva” is.


4.       Know about the life cycle of the shrimp:  a) Where it spawns; b) Why it has an exoskeleton; c) Why it molts; and, d) Where it grows up .. as a juvenile?


5.  Know all about “salt barriers.”  -- Who needs it? Where does it occur?  What is it?


7. Know what “phytoplankton” are.


8. Know what the term “detritus” means.


9. Know which endangered species uses the estuary as a rookery.


10. Be able to name the 4 salt marsh grasses.


11. For the term “dredge & fill” be able to describe exactly what “dredge” means and also what “fill” means


  1. Be able to list 5 species that call the salt marsh or estuary home.