Quiz #3 – Mangroves & Intertidal Zones


1.       Know all about RED MANGROVES:  a) Where do they grow?; b) 5 facts about red mangroves; c) Why it is called a “pioneer species?”; d) Where do red mangroves grow?; e) What is their nickname?; f) What do we call their roots?


2.       Know 4 facts about mangrove seedlings – and – what are they called?.


3.       Know all about BLACK MANGROVES:  a) Where they grow; b) What is interesting about their roots? c) How they get rid of salt; d) What the roots are called.


4.       Be able to list 5 species that call mangroves “home.”


5.       Mangroves in general:  a) How they prevent erosion; b) How they improve water quality; c) What birds use their branches as rookeries.


6.       Know about why it is illegal to cut down or prune mangroves.


7.       Know all about INTERTIDAL ZONES:  a) 3 reasons it is a hostile area for plants & animals; b) 3 ways that animals try to get out of the sun; c) 3 benefits of living there; d) 5 organisms that live there.