Quiz #4 -- Night Wade & Sea Grasses


1. Know the terms for “day active, ” “night active,” and “dawn & dusk” active.


2.  Know the term used to describe light produced by a chemical reaction in an organism.


3. Be able to list critters that produce light chemically.


4.  Know the reasons blue light works best underwater.


5. Know the latin words (and the translation) for the eye membrane that increases night vision capabilities. Know why humans have to deal with “red eye” in pictures.


6.  Know all about SEA GRASSES:  a) Define “sea grass”; b) What’s the name for the horizontal root?; c) Why is the horizontal root better than a vertical root?; d) What is the scientific name for Turtle Grass?; e) Why do turtle grass beds “hiss?”; f) Name 5 species that call turtle grass “home.” g) Name 5 ways that sea grasses are helpful h) Name 4 seagrasses.