Quiz #5a -- Coral Reefs


1. Know about the phylum to which coral belongs:  a) What is the name of the phylum? b) What must all members of this phylum have?


2.      Know all about corals:  a) What is the individual animal called? b) What are the stinging cells called? c) In what temperatures can coral grow most comfortably? d) What is the difference between hard & soft corals? e) How many tentacles do soft corals have? f) What is the name of the microscopic algae that lives in coral tissue? g) What do we call the relationship between the coral animal and the algae? h) Name 3 hard corals & 2 soft corals. i) Name 5 species that call coral reefs “home.”


3. Reef Relief:  Name 3 things it says NOT to do around Coral.


4. Coral predators:  Name a fish that “eats” coral!