Quiz #7 -- Fish


1.  Define the word “plankton” & give 3 examples.


2.  Define the word “nekton” & give 3 examples.


3.  Define the word “benthos” & give 3 examples


4.  Fish Parts:  a) Define the word “gill.” b) What is a “lateral line?” & what does it help the fish to do? c) List 3 characteristics of bony fish. d) List 3 characteristics of cartilagenous fish; e) Which fish do NOT have a swim bladder?


5. Coloration & Camouflage:  a) Why is red a good color for night active fish? b)What type of coloring is dark on the top and light on the bottom? c) What type of fish coloration uses patterns, stripes, and bold lines? d) Eye spots are a form of what kind of camouflage? e) Fish that use bright colors to “advertise” the presence of poisonous spines are using what type of camouflage?