Quiz #9 -- Cnidaria & Annelids


1. All about CORAL:  a) Give 2 conditions for healthy growth of coral; b) What is the name of the algae that lives in the tissue of the coral polyp?  c) What does it do for the coral animal?  d) What is its relationship to the coral animal? e) What is the name for the larval form of coral? f) scientific name for upside down jellyfish.


2. Name 3 things that Reef Relief says NOT to do around coral.


3. Name the phylum to which coral belongs and list 4 characteristics.


4.  Cnidarians come in two forms -- one can move and one cannot move.  Name the type that can move and give 2 examples. Name the type that cannot move and give 2 examples.


5. What are the stinging cells of cnidarians called?


6. What is the barb of the stinging cell called?


7. To what phylum do segmented worms belong?


8.  What does the word “polycheate” mean?


9. Give an example of a sedentary polycheate.


10. Give an example of an errant polycheate.


11.  What does pelagic mean?