Formula Review for Chapter 13 (Work & Energy)
pg Formula Units Word Problem Solution
432 Work                                                  W = F * D Joules 1)  How much work does a crane do if it uses a force of 5,200 Newtons to lift a girder 25 meters?   
433 Power               Power = W / T watts 2)  What is John's power output if he does 3,960 J of work in 60 seconds?  
446 Potential Energy                              PE = m*g*h Joules 3)  What is the gravitational potential energy of a 1,200 kg car at the top of a hill that is 42 meters high?  
463 KE = 1/2 m*v*v Joules 4)  What is the kinetic energy of a 0.045 kg ball traveling at 2 m/s?  
459 Efficiency =                                            Work Output / Work Input % 5)  Alice and Jim calculate that they must do 1,800 J of work to push a piano up a ramp. However, they actually end up doing 2,400 J of work. What is the efficiency of the ramp?  
 (lab) Acceleration      A =                    2D / T squared m/s/s 6)  A ball bearing drops from 2 meters in 0.6442 seconds. What is its acceleration?  
(lab) Velocity         V=D/T m/s  7) A ball bearing rolls across the floor for 6 meters in 3 seconds. What is its velocity?