Physics -- Can you Explain what is happening in each picture?

#1: Arm Wrestling
-- Which Law?
-- What's happening here?
-- What one word describes the action?

#2: Floating Balloons
--Which Law?
--What's happening here?
--What concept describes the action?

#3: Cruising Car with Balloon Inside
-- You're inside the car as it moves along at 45 miles per hour.  You release a helium balloon and it floats to the ceiling.  What happens next?
-- Which of Newton's laws describes the action?
-- What concept applies? 




#4: Tennis Ball released by red-shirted
boy at left edge of track
-- What happens to the tennis ball?
-- Why?
-- Which law applies here?
-- What two words describe the action? 
#5: Man at Top of Roller Coaster Hill
-- He's not moving very fast.  Why not?
--Why does he pick up speed as he goes down?
-- Is his rate of acceleration 9.8 m/sec/sec?
-- Before he starts his descent we say he has "stored energy."  What do we call that? 
#6: Left steel ball is pulled out and released
-- What happens next?
-- Why?
-- Which law applies here?
-- What concept applies?

#7: You're trapped in a elevator
falling to the 1st floor.
-- What one word governs your fate?
-- What could you do to increase your chances of survival?
-- Which of Newton's Laws applies here? 
#8: Chair Ride at an Amusement Park
-- Why are the riders slung out away from the central post?
-- What concept applies here?
-- What would happen if they weren't holding on?
--Why doesn't gravity pull them down? 
#9: You're sitting in an airplane cruising at
500 miles/hr at 30,000 ft. You flip a coin.
-- What happens to the coin as it goes up in the air?
-- Why?
-- Which of Newton's laws applies here?

#10: You drop two cannon balls of
different weights off the Leaning Tower
of Pizza.
-- Which one hits the ground first?
-- Why?
-- What is their acceleration rate?
#11: No brakes, steep hill.
-- What concept governs your actions here?
-- Which law applies?
-- Wouldn't it be cool if your eyes could bug out like that?

#12: Car is cruising at 55 mph.  Car stops
-- What happens to you?
-- Why?
-- Which law governs your actions?
-- What concept applies?

#13: Trampoline.  You're the one in the
yellow shirt.
-- You jump UP as high as you can go and then you come down on the trampoline and you bounce back up.  Why?
-- Which of Newton's Laws applies here?
-- Why?
#14: Washing Machine full of water -- getting
ready for the "spin cycle."
-- How IS it that all that water goes away?
-- Why don't the clothes go away too?
-- What concept is at work here?
-- Does gravity make the water go away?
#15: There's water in that cup flying around
your head.
-- Why doesn't the water in the cup get slung out?
-- What concept is involved in it's STAYING in the cup?
-- What concept governs the action pictured here?