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Can I Look at or Download Items Ahead of Time?

Yes, if you would like to work ahead, it is perfectly OK to look at or download items before we cover those subjects in class.

               Kelp Forest Study Guides  [ ]

The study guide items listed below are intended as a follow-up to the CIMI trip to Catalina Island.

Power Point 

Kelp Forest

Sand Box

Kelp Forests
Power Point
seen in class:

-- Flash version

Printable PDF

1. Kelp Anatomy Diagram
2. Kelp as a Nursery
3. Kelp Forest Habitats
4. Kelp Forest Critters
5. Threats to Kelp Forests
6. Kelp Forest Vocabulary
7. Chapter 15 questions
8. Essay Topics

Test Yourself

1. On-line Flash Cards
2. Printable Flash Cards

1. Flash -- Kelp Fishes
2. Kelp Crossword Puzzle
3. Habitat Tic-tack-toe
4. Kelp Forest Poster
5. Oceanography Dictionary
6. Video - Monterey Bay Kelp Forest
7. Video - Secrets of the Kelp Forest
8. Video - Nudibranchs
9. Creatures of the Kelp Forest
10. Video - Kelp Forest Restoration
11. Info. about Giant Kelp
12. Video - Bat Ray in Kelp Forest
13. Video - Kelp Forests #1
14. Video - Kelp Forests #2
15. Video - Life in the Kelp Forest 
16. Video - Discover the Kelp Forest
17. Video - Kelp Forest (Megan & Ian)


Keys Fish

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a broadband connection.)


NEW: Over 135 Video Clips on Ecosystems, Everglades, Keys Fish, Algae & Arthropods, Cnidarians & Annelids, Echinoderms & Molluscs, Porifera & Plankton, Marine "Critters," & Adaptations

Everglades Video Clips

Video Clips


Arthropod Video Clips

Annelid & Cnidaria Video Clips

Echinoderm & Mollusc
Video Clips


Porifera & Plankton Video Clips

Fish Body
Parts ID Flash Cards

Algae ID
Flash Cards

Cnidaria ID
Flash Cards

Echinoderm ID
Flash Cards

Porifera ID
Flash Cards

Fish ID
Flash Cards

Flash Cards


Mollusc ID
Flash Cards

Plankton ID
Flash Cards