Weather Test #1 – Study Guide


  1. Know the 3 major types of clouds.
  2. Know about isobars & isotherms.
  3. Know about the jet stream.
  4. Be able to list, define, and provide examples for: condensation, evaporation, conduction, radiation, & convection.
  5. Know where tornadoes can be found in the US
  6. Know ALL vocabulary words on page 51.
  7. Know the location and names and positions of ALL global winds.
  8. Understand and be able to provide an example of the Coriolis Effect.
  9. Know which weather instruments are used to measure wind speed, air pressure, relative humidity.
  10. Know 3 differences between hurricanes & tornadoes.
  11. Know the EXACT definitions for cold, warm, occluded, & stationary fronts.
  12. Know the difference between the ozone layer and the greenhouse effect due to
    global warming.
  13. Know the boiling and freezing points of water in degrees F & degrees C.
  14. Know how to determine relative humidity (math problem).
  15. Be able to convert Celsius into Fahrenheit. (Must be able to apply the formula correctly).
  16. Be able to correctly identify fronts on a weather map (cold, warm, occluded, stationary) AND tell in which direction cold and warm fronts are moving.
  17. Look back over all of the illustrations in the chapter. Read the captions.  Look back over all of the highlighted (bold face) words in the chapter and review their definitions.
  18. Use the science web site study guides.
  19. Print out the flash cards and learn the definitions.
  20. Take the two on-line tests and score better than 92 on each one.