Global Warming #2:  Volvo LCP & Osage, Iowa




Volvo LCP


LCP (Light Component Project) developed when oil prices were high

-Engine blocks & wheels made from light-weight materials such as

     aluminum, magnesium, and plastic.

-Elsbet, direct-injected diesel

    (Germany) (very fuel efficient)

-LCP is as good as other Volvo cars for safety

-Car is subcompact

-adjustable pedals & steering

-1 driver; 3 passengers

-0-60 mph in 11 seconds

-65 mpg average

-100 mpg at cruising speed

-uses gas or vegetable oil!




Osage, Iowa-- Energy Program


-Water heaters set lower: 115 degrees

-Water heater jackets for insulation

-High-efficiency fluorescent bulbs

-Low flow shower heads

-Plug insulation leaks in houses

-Infrared photos to show heat loss

-Used high-efficiency motors

-More energy flows out of America's

     windows than flows through Alaska's

     oil pipeline.