Global Warming #3:  CFCs, Ozone, & Computer Model




CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons)


solvents for micro chips, aerosols, air conditioning, blowing agents for plastic foam; drift high in atmosphere; break down into Chlorine & Bromine; Chlorine and Bromine are efficient destroyers of ozone






Coldest place on the earth.  Every winter a swirling mass of air forms called the Winter Vortex; 1985 -- 40% of ozone missing; destruction speeds up under cold conditions; winter vortex can swirl over Australia & South America




Greenhouse Gases:


-#1:  Carbon Dioxide CO2--up 25%; by-product of burning coal, oil, gas, & burning of forests

-#2:  CFCs (blowing agents in foam, aerosols, cleaning agents for microchips, air


-#3:  Methane (from cattle--produce gas during digestion, rice paddies, coal mining)




-YEAR 2050:   CO2 levels doubled


*2-4 degrees hotter in tropical

*6 degrees in continental areas

*10-12 degrees warmer in polar zones

*some places drier, others wetter

*Over Russia it will be wetter at all times of the year

*Drier over US in the summer

*storms more intense

*increase of monsoons in Indian Ocean

*sea levels rise causing flooding

*huge tracts of forests die out because of temperature &

    precipitation changes.



 Verifying the computer model


Earth's axis changed 11,000 years ago. Earth's axis wobbles every 22,000 years. Monsoon rains drenched all of the Sahara region for several thousand years.  Took 3000 years for people & animals to adjust to drier climate.  Between 6,000 - 3,000 years ago the lakes began to dry up.  Djibouti -- where climate model was verified.



2050-Sea levels  will rise significantly; almost every country will lose land:  Cape Cod & Florida Keys will disappear in USA.


Locations that would suffer with flooding:  Indonesia, Maldives, Holland, Bangladesh, Everglades, Cape Cod, Long Island, Florida Keys, Outer Banks, & most coast lines



-Methane Hydrate (thawing tundra of north & buried beneath floor of Arctic Ocean)-- will add to greenhouse gases





SOLUTIONS -- How to Reduce the Gamble


-20 billion tons of greenhouse gases goes into atmosphere each year

-biggest opportunity is with North America & Western Europe (10% of population & 40% of greenhouse gases)

--3% switching to cars that get 50 mpg

---2% houses insulated

----6% alternative fuels

------2% if recycling CFCs

-------2% trees planted.


15% reduction in nation's emission of greenhouse gases







LCP          CFC          Chlorine & Bromine

Methane Hydrate

Winter Vortex       

Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs)

C10H12N2O3S = Bentazone