Weather: Chapter #2 -- Concepts

Indicate whether the sentence or statement is true or false.


Dry air is 78% nitrogen and 21% carbon dioxide.


The volume of a gas will increase as the gas is heated.


As altitude decreases, the density of the air decreases.


A great deal of evaporation on the gauze of a wet bulb thermometer means that the relative humidity is high.


The main factors that affect an areas temperature are prevailing winds and mountains.


Oceans make the temperatures of nearby land more extreme (colder in the winter & hotter in the summer).


Temperate continental climates have cold winters.


The reason that water is boiled when trying to create a low pressure environment inside the flask is that the heated water adds to the heat inside and makes the flask hotter.  The extra heat produces lower pressure so that the balloon can be sucked into the flask when everything cools down.

Multiple Choice
Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.


In addition to gases besides oxygen, air also contains
water vapor.
particles of dust and pollution.
carbon dioxide.


Air in the atmosphere has pressure because
the stratosphere is thick.
wind moves the air.
air has mass.
temperature warms the air.


The less mass in a given volume of air, the
more the air weighs.
more dense the air.
greater the air pressure.
less dense the air.

Numeric Response


Dinosaurs became extinct ______ million years ago.



(You'll need a calculator for this question.)  Using the formula you have learned for converting Celsius to Fahrenheit, convert 32o C into Fahrenheit. ( _____ degrees)



Water boils at _____ degrees Fahrenheit.


Complete each sentence or statement.


The condition of Earths atmosphere at a particular time and place is known as ____________________.



The gas that is found in the greatest amount in the atmosphere is ____________________.



On a mountaintop, a person becomes out of breath quickly because fewer ____________________ molecules are present per cubic meter of air.



If 4 grams of water vapor are present in a cubic meter of air that can hold a maximum of 10 grams, the __________   __________ is 40 percent.



Increased cooling called  ______    ______ can make the air feel cooler than the measurement on a thermometer.



The land on the ____________________ side of a mountain range is in a rain shadow.



Because of its high ____________________, Mount Kilimanjaro -- a mountain located at the equator in Kenya -- has a cool climate all year with snow on the top of the mountain.



Because Earths axis is ____________________, the hemispheres receive different amounts of solar energy at different times of the year.



An ocean current that begins south of Florida and moves up the Atlantic coast of the United States is called the __________   ____________.           



Give the name of the "super continent" that existed on earth 230 million years ago. __________________



Every few years off the coast of Peru a warm water condition develops that affects weather in Australia, South America, and the US.  What is the name of this condition? _______________



Another name for "ice age" is _________   ______________.



The period of time between major ice ages is called an __________________ period.



A scientist that studies ancient fossils in order to learn about ancient CLIMATES is called a ________________________.



The Sahara Desert is dry primarily because the ____________________ carry little moisture.