Speed – Chapter 11 – Quiz Questions #1

pp. 363 - 369 


  2. Define SPEED.

  3. Define VELOCITY

  4. Which should you use in calculating how many gallons of gas you will need to make a road trip – distance or displacement? Give your answer and explain.

  5. Explain the concept of “frame of reference.”

  6. You are on a boat going down a river at 5 km/hr. The river is flowing in the same direction at 2 km/hr. What is the combined speed of the boat?  What would the speed of the boat be if you reversed your direction of travel and went upstream?

  7. What is the formula for determining average speed?

  8. What is meant by the term “instantaneous speed?”

  9. What does the term “average speed” mean?

  10. You are in a car traveling forward at 35 miles/hr. It is raining. There is no wind. Why does the rain appear to be coming straight towards the windshield?

  11.  List 3 units of measurement for … a) distance,  b) time,  c) speed,  d) velocity

  12. Speed is dependent upon what two factors?

  13. What is the difference between SPEED and VELOCITY?

  14. CAR #1 is going 25 km/hr on the highway. CAR #2, going 50 km/hr just passedCar #1. a) If your frame of reference is car #1, what is the speed of car #2? b) If your frame of reference is car #2, what is the speed of car #1?

  15. A skateboard is heading towards a tree at 3 km/hr. Describe what you see from these frames of reference: a) the skateboard, b) bystander on the side of the path, c) the tree.