Forces – Chapter 11 – Quiz Questions #4

pp. 380 - 382

  1. Define the word FORCE.

  2. What are the four FUNDAMENTAL FORCES?

  3. Give two examples of FIELD FORCES.

  4. What are BALANCED FORCES?


  6. Do balanced forces change motion?

  7. What is the NET FORCE acting on a piano if ….. a) two students are each putting a force of 100N on the piano from the same side, or b) if the students are pushing from opposite sides of the piano?

  8. Using BALANCED or UNBALANCED to describe the forces you would prefer, consider these examples and state why you chose your answer:  a) Building a house, b) Riding your bicycle, c) Sitting on top of a fence, d) Riding a roller coaster.

  9. When an object is at rest, are any forces acting upon it? Explain.