Newton’s 1st Law – Chapter 12 – Quiz Questions #1

pp. 397 - 398 

  1. State and give an example of Newton’s first law of motion.

  2. Explain the concept of “net force.”

  3. Define the word “inertia.”

  4. How is inertia related to mass?

  5. A magician pulls a table cloth out from underneath a set of dishes without moving or breaking the dishes. Using Newton’s 1st law, explain how this is possible.

  6. When you are a rider in a car and the driver makes a sharp turn, you appear to slide towards the side of the car. Use Newton’s 1st law to explain why you slide towards the door.

  7. Why are babies placed in backwards-facing car seats?

  8. Why do passengers wear seat belts in cars?

  9. A bowling ball in motion tends to remain in motion unless acted on by an outside force. Why is it difficult to start a bowling ball moving?

  10. You are in an airplane cruising at 500 km/hr. You jump straight up in the aisle of the airplane. Where do you land and why?

  11. You are in an automobile cruising at 35 miles/hr. You toss a tennis ball up in the air. Where does it land and why?

  12. Explain how Newton’s 1st Law is responsible for space travel.