Gravity – Chapter 12 – Quiz Questions #3

pp. 403 - 406 

  1. How are weight and mass related?

  2. What is “weight?”

  3. How do you calculate “weight” on the moon?

  4. What is the unit of measurement for “weight?”

  5. What is the difference between “mass” and “weight?”

  6. Using the table on page 404 and the paragraph beside it, calculate the weight of a 66kg person on a) Earth, b) Venus, c) Mars, d) Neptune, and e) the moon.

  7. What is the Law of Universal Gravitation?

  8. Why can you feel the presence of gravity between you and the Earth, but not between you and a pencil?

  9. Gravity is dependent on two factors. What are they?

  10. As the distance between two objects decreases, the force of gravity between them ……

  11. What happens to the gravitational force between two objects if their masses do not change but the distance between them becomes 4 times as much?

  12. The weight of an object varies with the ______________________________.