Free Fall & Projectile Motion – Chapter 12 – Quiz Questions #4

pp. 407 - 410 

  1. What is “free fall?”

  2. What is “terminal velocity?”

  3. Look at the picture of the sky diver on page 407. Because the forces of air resistance and gravity are balanced, is the skydiver at REST? Why or why not?

  4. What would be the main difference between a parachute for a person and a parachute for an airplane?

  5. Why are astronauts in the orbiting space shuttle not “weightless?”

  6. What is “projectile motion?”

  7. In the red and yellow ball illustration on page 409, why do both balls reach the ground at the same time?

  8. Why doesn’t a thrown baseball orbit the earth?

  9. Name the two components that make up orbital motion, and explain why objects stay in orbit.

  10. A friend in an ultralight plane is flying over you at an altitude of 200 feet and a speed of 35 miles/hr. He releases a water balloon directly over your head. Does it hit you? Why or why not?