Newton’s 3rd Law – Chapter 12 – Quiz Questions #5

pp. 412 - 415 

  1. State and give an example of Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion.

  2. Give two examples of how forces always occur in pairs.

  3. Why don’t the forces in a force pair cancel each other?

  4. Explain your bottle rocket’s action using Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion.

  5. If a horse pulls a cart with a certain horizontal force, the cart exerts an equal and opposite force on the horse. If this is so, how can the cart accelerate?

  6. In the early 1900’s many people thought that rockets could not work in space because there was no ground for the rocket to push off from. Explain why rockets work just fine in space.

  7. Explain how Newton’s 3rd Law is responsible for space travel.