Summary – Chapter 12 – Quiz Questions #7

p. 421

  1. State Newton’s 1st Law of Motion and give an example.

  2. State Newton’s 2nd Law of Motion and give an example.

  3. What is the formula for FORCE?

  4. Compare weight and mass.

  5. What is the Law of Universal Gravitation?

  6. Define “free fall.”

  7. Define “projectile motion.”

  8. For Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion, why don’t action-reaction forces cancel out?

  9. What is the formula to determine momentum?

  10. What happens to momentum in collisions?

  11. A wrestler weighs in for the first match on the moon. Will the athlete weigh more or less on the moon than he does on Earth? Explain your answer by using the terms WEIGHT, MASS, FORCE, and GRAVITY.

  12. You and a buddy are arm wrestling but seem to be matched in strength so that no movement occurs. Your hands are locked in the 12 o’clock (upright) position. Describe the situation in terms of one of Newton’s Laws.