Chapter 12 -- Force & Newton's Laws of Motion #2

Complete each statement.


Mass times velocity equals ____________________.



The tendency of an object at rest to remain at rest, or if moving, to continue moving at a constant velocity is ____________________.



An object with a small mass has ____________________ inertia than an object with a large mass.



The motion of an object resulting from only the force of gravity is ____________________.



According to the universal gravitation equation, the gravitational force between two objects decreases as ________________________________________ increases.



A situation known as ___________________________________ occurs when astronauts and their surroundings all accelerate at the same rate.



When throwing a dart at a target, you should always aim ____________________ the bull’s eye.



When you stand, your weight pushes down on the ground and the ground pushes back with a force equal to your weight ___________________________________.



Newton’s ____________________ law tells us how much an object’s speed will be increased or decreased by an unbalanced force.



Mass is a measure of the amount of ____________________ in an object.



If the distance between two objects is quadrupled, the gravitational force between them _________________________ its original value.



When two billiard balls collide, the total change in momentum of the balls is ____________________.



The total momentum of objects before a collision ____________________ the total momentum of the objects after a collision.



In space, an astronaut hammers a nail. The hammer moves in one direction and the astronaut moves ___________________________________.



An example of an action-reaction pair is the action force when you jump down onto a trampoline, your weight pushes down on the surface and the reaction force when the trampoline pushes back up on you with a force ___________________________________.



When the same amount of force is applied to two different masses, the smaller mass will be accelerated ____________________ than the larger mass.



When the same force is applied to two different masses, these masses will have ____________________ accelerations.



The ____________________ of an object remains constant while its ____________________ varies according to the gravitational force it experiences.



When you kick a stone, your foot exerts a force on the stone, and the stone exerts a force ____________________ in size and ____________________ in direction on your foot.



Orbital motion is a combination of ____________________ motion and freefall.



An important safety feature in your car that is based on the concept of inertia is the ____________________.



The gravitational force on an object ____________________ as the object’s mass increases.



The path of a pitched ball is an example of ____________________ motion.



An object changes its motion only if a force acts on it to change its speed or direction. This is a statement of Newton’s ____________________.



Action and reaction forces always occur at the ____________________ time.



According to Newton’s second law of motion, force is the product of ____________________ and _________________________.



Free fall is the motion of an object resulting from ___________________________________.



The value for the acceleration of objects in free fall near Earth is ____________________.



When gravitational forces and air resistance equalize on an object that is falling toward Earth and the object stops accelerating, its velocity is called the ____________________ velocity.



An object at rest remains at rest unless it experiences a(n) ______________________________.



If the car you are riding in comes to a sudden stop, _________________________ helps stop your forward motion.



When a satellite orbits Earth, it experiences two motions: ____________________ motion and ____________________ toward Earth.



All ____________________ objects have momentum.



As the time period of an object’s momentum change becomes longer, the force needed to cause this change becomes ____________________.