Conservation of Energy – Quiz Questions


pp. 453 - 457


  1. Define the Law of Conservation of Energy.

  2. If the Law of Conservation of Energy is true, how could a girl’s second bounce on a trampoline be higher than her first?

  3. A tennis ball is allowed to bounce on a table top. Each bounce is lower and lower. Why aren’t all the bounces the same height?

  4. Describe the energy changes as a car goes from the top of a roller coaster hill to the bottom.

  5. You have a coat hanger in your hand. You bend it back and forth 10 times and then feel the bent area. It feels hot to the touch. Describe the energy transformation that has occurred.

  6. Can a roller coaster car start on a hill that is 20 meters high and make it up to the top of a second hill that is 40 meters high? Why or why not?