Summary  – Quiz Questions – Chapter 13


p. 465


  1. What is Work?

  2. What is POWER?

  3. What do machines do to forces?

  4. List the 6 simple machines.

  5. All levers have one thing in common. What is it?

  6. Inclined planes turn a small input force into a ………

  7. How many simple machines are contained in a compound machine?

  8. What happens to ENERGY when WORK is done?

  9. Potential energy results from what?

  10. Kinetic energy is dependent on two factors. What are they?

  11. At what level does nonmechanical energy occur?

  12. Can energy readily change from one form to another?

  13. Can energy be created?  Can it be destroyed?

  14. Can a machine do more work than the amount of work required to operate it?