Work – Quiz Questions


pp. 431 – 432


  1. Define the word “WORK.”

  2. Are you doing “work” when an object is not moving?

  3. What is the formula to determine work?

  4. In the formula for work, what unit of measurement is used for FORCE?

  5. What is the SI unit for work?

  6. One Newton lifted one meter = how many units of work?

  7. If you are given the mass of an object and the distance it is moved, what would the resulting formula for work be?

  8. You are standing in the gym holding a set of barbells above your head. Are you doing any work?

  9. Three children are struggling to move a large rock, After much effort, they manage to move the rock one centimeter. Have they done any work?

  10. A machine takes 50 units of work to lift an 8 Newton rock 5 meters. How many units of work are expended as heat?