Classifying Matter – Chapter 2 – Quiz Questions #1
pp. 43 - 50



1. Define the word MATTER.

2. Define the word ELEMENT and give an example.

3. Define the word ATOM and give an example.

4. Define the word MOLECULE and give an example.

5. Define the word COMPOUND and give an example.

6. Define the term CHEMICAL FORMULA and give an example.

7. Define the word MIXTURE and give an example.

8. State the chemical formulas for:
           a) Water
           b) Methane
           c) Carbon Dioxide
           d) Carbon Monoxide

9. What is a HOMOGENOUS MIXTURE?  Give an example.

10. What is a HETEROGENOUS MIXTURE? Give an example.

11. What is a PURE SUBSTANCE?  Give an example.

12. Describe a procedure to separate a mixture of salt, finely ground pepper, and pebbles.

13.You have been asked to prove whether a particular shiny ring is made out of gold or is a
      fake. How could you use the idea of density to make your decision?