Properties of Matter  Chapter 2 – Quiz Questions #2
pp. 51 - 58

1. List 4 physical properties of objects or substances.
     a)                               b)                              c)                             d)

2. Why are color, volume, and density classified as physical properties?

3. Why are flammability and reactivity classified as chemical properties?

4. Define MELTING POINT and give the melting point of water.

5. Define BOILING POINT and give the boiling point of water.

6. Define DENSITY and explain why...
           a) a brick is more dense than a sponge.
           b) helium-filled balloons float up in the air.
           c) a stone sinks to the bottom of a pond.


8. Identify the following as physical or chemical properties:
          a) reacts with oxygen to form rust
          b) is red
          c) is shiny and silvery
          d) melts easily
          e) boils at 100 degrees celsius
          f) is nonflammable
          g) has a low density
          h) tarnishes in moist air

9. A jar  contains 30mL of glycerin (mass = 37.8g) and 60mL of corn syrup (mass = 82.8 g).
       Which liquid is the top layer? Explain.

10. Calculating Density:
a) A piece of titanium metal has a mass of 67.5 g and a volume of 15 cubic centimeters. What is
        the density of titanium?

b) A sample of a substance that has a mass of 85g has a volume of 110 cubic centimeters. What
        is the density of the substance? Will the substance float in water?