Behavior of Gases – Chapter 3 – Quiz Questions #4
pp. 96 - 101 

1. What are the 4 properties of gases?
        a)                                     b)                                  c)                                  d)

2. Explain why the volume of a gas can change.

3. State BOYLE'S LAW and give an example.

4. What two variables are related by Boyle's Law?
        a)                                                                     b)

5. State GAY-LUSSAC'S LAW and give an example.

6. If the volume of a gas is constant and temperature decreases, how does pressure change?

7. State CHARLES'S LAW and give an example.

8. When scientists record the volume of a gas, why do they also record the temperature and the

9. Why are liquids instead of gases used in hydraulic brakes?

10. Use Boyle's Law to explain why bubbled packing wrap pops when you squeeze it.

11. All vacuum cleaners have a high-speed fan. Explain how this fan allows the vacuum cleaner
        to pick up dirt.

12. What will happen if you increase the temperature of a gas inside a balloon?

13. After taking a shower, you notice that the mirror is foggy and covered with small droplets of
       water. Explain how this happens by describing where the water comes from and the changes
       the water goes through.