Organizing the Elements – Chapters 4/5 – Quiz Questions #1 

1. State the property used to organize elements in the modern periodic table.

2. Each row of the periodic table is called a ……….

3. Each column of the periodic table is called a ………..

4. Each rectangle on the periodic table represents one element. Inside the box are
      four pieces of information. State what these items mean.

            a) Top number:

            b) A letter(s) of the alphabet:

            c) A word:

            d) Bottom number:

5.  a) Who was the first chemist to design a way of organizing chemical elements?  
      b) When did he publish the first periodic table?

6. What pattern of organization did he use to arrange the elements?

7. How are elements arranged in the modern periodic table?

8. State the PERIODIC LAW: