Families of Elements – Chapters 4/5 – Quiz Questions #3 

  1. What are the families of metals?

  2. What are two families of nonmetals?
            a)                                                                  b)

  3. List 4 unusual facts about HYDROGEN.                                                              
            a)                                                                  c)
            b)                                                                  d)

  4. What is the name of Group 1 on the periodic table? _________________________
    Give two characteristics of that family.
            a)                                                                   b)

  5. What is the name of Group 2 on the periodic table? Give 4 characteristics that are
         different from those of Group 1.

  6. Name 3 transition metals used in making jewelry.
             a)                                          b)                                          c)

  7. Your classmate offers to give you a piece of sodium that he found on a hiking trip. What
         is your response? Explain.

  8. Which elements are synthetic?

  9. What is unique about the valence numbers of elements in the family of Noble Gases?

  10. Why are atoms of Chlorine and Bromine very reactive?

  11. Classify the following elements as alkali, alkaline-earth, or transition metals based on
         their positions in the periodic table:

    a) Fe                                                            c) K

    b) Sr                                                             d) Pt

  12. Draw valence diagrams for the following elements:

    a) Li                                                             e) Be

    b) B                                                              f) C

    c) N                                                              g) O

    d) F                                                              h) Ne