Reaction Rates – Chapter 7 – Quiz Questions #4

pp. 238 - 247

  1. List four factors that affect the rate of a reaction.
    a)                            b)                      c)                              d)

  2. Define the term CATALYST.

  3. Define the term ENZYME.

  4. Define the term SUBSTRATE.

  5. Substances that slow reactions are called ____________________.

  6. When you open a soda bottle, what change occurs that allows the dissolved carbon dioxide in the soda to come out of solution?

  7. Define the term CHEMICAL EQUILIBRIUM.

  8. What is Le Chatelier’s principle?

  9. Compare a catalyst and an inhibitor.

  10. The Haber process uses Le Chatelier’s principle to produce more ammonia. What two things do they have to do to the reaction to get more ammonia as a product?