Igneous Rocks – Chapter 10 – Quiz Questions #4
pp. 221 - 223

1.      Describe two (2) characteristics of an igneous rock.

2.      If lava on Earth’s surface cools very quickly, will the crystals in the resulting igneous rock be small or large?

3.      Which of the following pieces of information can you learn by looking at an igneous rock. Put checks by the correct answer.

_____ a. how old it is
_____ b. how fast it cooled
_____ c. how much it weighs
_____ d. whether it formed above or under ground
_____ e. how long it will take to metamorphose
_____ f. what time of day it formed

4.      How is gabbro similar to granite?

5.      Fill in the table below to compare and contrast basalt and granite.

Rock Type



Size of Crystals



Formed where?



Silica content



Where found






6.      Granite, rhyolite, and obsidian are shown on page 223. Determine which photograph represents each rock.
A: _____________________     B: _____________________    C: _________________

7.      You want to take a vacation to a place where you could find igneous rocks. To which places would you go? Justify your answer.

a. Niagara Falls

b. Las Vegas

c. The Hawaiian Islands

d. Your own backyard

8.      The Mid-Atlantic Ridge goes through the country of Iceland. Would you expect to find igneous rocks in Iceland? Explain your answer.