Sensing the Interior of Earth – Chapter 7 – Quiz Questions #1
pp. 138 - 140 

1.  What is Earth’s radius in kilometers? Miles?  ( 1km = 0.62 miles)

2. Answer these questions about vibrations that travel through the earth:
            a. What are these vibrations called?

            b. What causes them?

            c. What have these vibrations revealed about Earth’s interior?

3. What is a seismologist?

4. During wave motion, what moves from one place to another?

5. What are the two general types of wave motion described in this section?

6. Give three facts about each type of wave.

Forward & Backward Waves (                         )

Side-to-Side Waves (                                         )







7. P-waves travel at 5 km/sec   and S-waves travel at 3 km/sec. A seismic station is located 30 km from where an earthquake occurred.
            a. How many seconds would it take for the P-waves to reach the station?
            b. How many seconds would it take for the S-waves to reach the station?

8. What can happen to seismic waves as they travel through the Earth?


9. What are S-shadows? Create a diagram and explain it.




10. What do S-shadows tell us about the interior of Earth?