Earth’s Interior – Chapter 7 – Quiz Questions #2
pp. 142 - 144 

1.  Simplified diagrams of Earth’s interior show three layers. Name the 3 layers.


2. Use the diagram on page 145 to help you answer the following questions.
            a. What layes compose Earth’s core?

            b. The upper mantle and crust make up which layer of Earth’s interior?

            c. What is the name of the thickest layer of Earth’s interior?

3. How thick is the outer core in kilometers?

4. Which is thicker – oceanic crust or continental crust?

5. Is the crust brittle? (Yes or No). Why is this? Do earthquakes occur in the crust?


6. The plates that move about Earth’s surface are pieces of _____________________.

7. What is the aesthenosphere and why is it important?


8. What material makes up most of the outer core?  Is it solid or liquid? Why?



9. What material makes up most of the inner core?  Is it solid or liquid?  Why?



10. What very important process happens in the outer core?  Why is it important?