Sea Floor Spreading – Chapter 8 – Quiz Questions #2
pp. 166 - 173

1.      Explain why magnetic patterns are important evidence for plate tectonics.

2.      How were mid-ocean ridges discovered?

3.      What was Harry Hess’ hypothesis regarding the ocean floor and how it was made?

4.      What two discoveries supported Hess’ hypothesis?

5.      What is the study of lithospheric plates called?

6.      Over what surface do lithospheric plates move?

7.      Name the two types of lithospheric plates & describe them.


8.      What are some questions that are answered by tectonic plates?

9.      What is the source of energy that drives the movement of plates?

10.  Do lithospheric plates move quickly or slowly? Explain.

11.  Describe the process of subduction in your own words. What causes it to happen?

12.  Name an island chain formed by a mantle plume hot spot. Describe the process of how it forms.

13.  What effect is the mid-Atlantic ridge having on the country of Iceland?

14.  When Pangaea broke apart it is thought it divided into two continents. What were they called and what do the names mean?