Metamorphic Rocks – Chapter 8 – Quiz Questions #4
pp. 174 - 175

1.      What does the term “metamorphism” mean?


2.      What two things can cause metamorphic rock formation?



3.      What is contact metamorphism?


4.      Look at the rock images on page 175. Which image is most likely to be a metamorphic rock? Explain your answer.

5.      Metamorphic rocks are commonly formed at what kind of plate boundary?

6.      In which location would you be most likely to find a metamorphic rock?

7.      At what type of boundary can limestone be metamorphosed into marble?

8.      Fill in the table to show the type of rock produced by each process.


Type of rock (metamorphic,
sedimentary, igneous)

a. Formed from particles of sand & soil


b. Formed after a volcano erupts


c. Formed at a subduction zone