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What Are Earthquakes?  – Chapter 9 – Quiz Questions #1
pp. 181 - 188

1.      What is the name of the kind of motion that causes an earthquake?

a. Give an everyday example of this kind of motion.

b. What three (3) conditions are needed for this motion?

2.      Lithospheric plates:

a. Name the two (2) parts:

b. Describe how they are different from each other.

3.      What causes lithospheric plates to build up pressure and finally “give” along transform faults?

4.      What is the difference between the FOCUS and the EPICENTER of an earthquake?

5.      How is a lithospheric plate like a long line of moving grocery carts?

6.      The polished surfaces of rock which are the result of rock moving against rock along a fault are known as ________________________.

7.      Why do some earthquakes occur inside plate boundaries in the interior of a lithospheric plate?


8.      Explain why the movement of a plate can be UNEVEN along its boundary.

9.      How can one earthquake cause another?

10.  Put these events in order and then DESCRIBE each:  aftershock, foreshock, and earthquake.