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Tsunamis  – Chapter 9 – Quiz Questions #4
(from the video – 9.4 Tsunamis)

1.      What is the translation for the Japanese word … “tsunami”?

2.      Why are tsunamis barely noticeable out in the ocean, but can develop into huge waves when they reach the shore?

3.      Why is it NOT correct to refer to a tsunami as a tidal wave?

4.      How are tsunamis generated?


5.      How fast can tsunami waves travel? How far can tsunamis travel?

6.      Can a tsunami be generated by a landslide – either underwater or at the sea shore?

7.      What is “DRAWBACK?”


8.      Describe the Pacific Tsunami Warning System.  What is a DART buoy?

9.      If a Japanese city built a 4.5 meter high tsunami wall along their harbor, would this be sufficient protection against future tsunamis? ( Why or why not? )