Build a Better Student!


Practical Ideas for Parents

1.  Set Aside a Study Area:
Make sure that it is well lit and has access to pencils and paper.  This study area should include a chair to sit in and a flat table area on which to work.

2.  Turn Off Electronics During Study Time:
DO NOT do homework while watching TV, listening to the radio, playing on the computer, or talking on the phone. This style of doing homework invariably produces poor results. Parents, don't believe them when they say they can't do without!

3.  Limit Electronics During School Nights:
Cut back on the amount of TV, computer games, Internet, video games, and telephone use in the evenings (Monday through Thursday).  Consider limiting these to 1/2 hour a night Monday through Thursdays. Parents, have your child READ a book instead!  If necessary, intercept phone calls during study time.  Make a list and have them call their friends back AFTER study time.

4.  Get to Bed on Time:
Bedtime for 7th graders ranges from 9:30 to10:00

5.  Check Homework & Help Your Child Study for Tests:
Homework assignment sheets are handed out in class -- or, you can check the websites for the current homework listings.  Homework in all four academic classes is graded from the first day of school. Parents, do not do it FOR your child, just make sure it IS done each night.  Tests are important.  Help your child study for them!


Here's the Big Picture

It's difficult for students to make the transition from the lazy days of summer vacation to the action-packed schedule of the first nine weeks back in school by themselves. They need your help in re-establishing a regular homework time Monday through Thursday nights. Your expectations set the tone for their academic success.

For the first 1/2 of EACH of the four nine week grading periods monitor homework, test, and project  grades closely.  If your child appears to be making all A's and B's you can relax for the next 4.5 weeks.  If they are struggling with lower grades they may be in jeopardy for staying in the HG program.  There are now established "exit criteria" for HG students who do not maintain a "B" average overall in the four academic subjects.

Seventh grade homework is a fairly consistent 1.5 hours a night Monday through Thursday nights and lighter on the weekends.  Until your youngster gets back 'up to speed,' however, homework may take a little longer.

Remember that your expectations set the tone for the academic success of your child.  If you show no hesitation in being willing to cancel participation in out-of-school activities when grades drop, your child will quickly get the idea that you expect good grades.

Middle school is the BEST time to build study habits that will last into high school; but,  very few students pick up great study habits without parent guidance.