Reading List for
Parents of Gifted Children

Guiding the Gifted Child:  A Practical Source for Parents and Teachers
by Webb, Meckstroth and Tolan, 1982
The Blame Game! Are School Problems the Kids' Fault?
by Pamela Darr Wright, Wrightslaw They think Brian’s school problems are my fault... The school psychologist said Shannon's learning problems were her fault, that she was lazy and unmotivated and we had to pressure her to work harder... When a child has trouble learning or behaving in school, the source of the child's problem can usually be traced to one or more of five causes (though written about special education, this applies equally well to gifted education)
The Challenge of Being Gifted by Laura Vanderkam
Thousands of students have attended new public schools for the gifted that have sprouted across the country during the past two decades. More than a dozen states now fund residential high schools for the gifted.
Communicating Effectively With Your Gifted Child's School by Joan Franklin Smutny
Begin with your child, Background information, What kinds of program options exist?, Begin with the teacher, Be diplomatic but firm... a parents' guide to successful advocacy...
Dealing with Schools reprinted from MonTAGe, by Valorie J. King
Several great essays for gifted parents dealing with the schools, including "Gifted? I See No Gifted Children Here!," "What's Really Going On Here?," and "In the Principal's Office"
Getting Past No: Negotiating Your Way from Confrontation to Cooperation and
Getting To Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In by William Ury and Getting to Yes co-author Roger Fisher, of the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School .
A guide to successful negotiation shows readers how to stay cool under pressure, stand up for themselves without provoking opposition, deal with underhanded tactics, find mutually agreeable options, and more...
How to Make Parent-Teacher Conferences Worthwhile and Productive by Arlene DeVries
Excerpted from the December 1996 issue of "Parenting for High Potential" published by NAGC
Learn to Ask Questions, Get Services by Laurie from New York
Tips for non-confrontational parents
Paving the Way for Achievement:
How one family met their student's unique educational needs
Realizing early on that their middle school had no courses for above-average students and that their high school didn't offer advanced placement courses, the Chapman family used creativity, persistence, and problem-solving skills to meet their son John's academic needs in a small district... (also available in *.pdf newsletter)
"Proper Mindset" Needed for Effective Advocacy by Sandra Warren
Do you struggle with ways to convince people that voicing concern for your gifted child does not mean that you're on an ego trip?
Questions Parents Should Ask Schools by James Gallagher
There are questions that parents of gifted students should ask of their school system regarding the program or services for their children. Their right to ask such questions matches the right of any parent
Reforming Gifted Education: Matching the Program to the Child by Karen Rogers
THE book for parents and educators, for planning the educational program for a gifted child.  Everything you need to prepare, negotiate, and execute the best possible educational option for each child. Read DITD review...
School Reform and Gifted Education by Monique Prevost Lloyd
Many educational practices currently in vogue under the umbrella of school reform work against gifted students...
How Squid Got Skipped: The Book of Squid by Marjorie
The preparation, the meeting, the decision, and the "Book of Squid"... one parent's successful advocacy story
Stand Up for Your Gifted Child: How to Make the Most
of Kids' Strengths at School and at Home
by Joan Franklin Smutny
If you think your gifted child isn't getting the education he or she needs, this book is for you. It helps you recognize your child's gifts, understand his or her problems at school, find out your district's policy on gifted education, explore various options, communicate effectively with the school and district, and provide enrichment at home
The Tea and Terrorist Society - Parent Advocacy at the District Level by Monique Lloyd
Many parents feel powerless when dealing with their public schools; this is especially true of parents with highly gifted children
Ten Tips for Parents of Students by Monique Lloyd
Testimony of the National Association for Gifted Children Sally Reis
Hearing on Elementary & Secondary Education Act - Educating Diverse Populations, July 15, 1999
TIMSS - Third International Mathematics and Science Study
1998 results for the largest international study of student achievement...