Interesting Web Links

This page is just for kids and parents of all ages. 
You'll find anything from homework helpsites to interactive Java games and tests. 
Have fun surfing through these sites! 

Joe's Homework Helpsite.
By a Rhode Island pre-teen and his mom. Unique stuff. Including a homemade history test.
Rhode Island Bestlinx Homepage 
If it's something in or about Rhode Island, you'll find it here. 
B.J. Pinchbecks Homework Helper. 
If you can't find it here, you can't find it anywhere!
Education and Career Info for Indiana and the World!
This award winning site is for those kids who are serious about their future.
Webster's Dictionary
The famous dictionary is online!
Roget's Thesaurus
Not sure if you used a word correctly?
Encyclopedia Smithsonian 
All about the Smithsonian!
World Wide Web Virtual Library 
At Stanford U. This is unbelievable!
Dictionary of Scientific Quotations 
Quotes from noted scientists.
You doctors in waiting can have lots of fun here.
The Language Learning Resource Center at Carnegie Mellon University 
Learn other languages.
Glossary of Microbiology
Find the meaning of Microbiology terms.
The Quotations Page
Quotes by the famous and the infamous.
The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy 
A philosophical search engine.
On-Line Mathematics Dictionary
Learn the meaning of math terms.
National Library of Medicine 
Medical Science Search Engine. 
Thomas Legislative Information on the Internet
Congressional information for law students or just interested parties. 
Learn about current bills being considered and learn how a bill becomes a law!
United States (Legal) Code 
The US CODE is our book of federal laws.
Supreme Court Decisions 
Learn about precedent setting cases like Roe v. Wade or Wisconsin v. Yoder.
On-Line Dictionary of Computing 
You guessed it! Learn what different computer terms mean.
American School Directory 
A geographical database of schools throughout the country.
Up to the minute financial news.
CNN News
World news events. A great site.
Favorite Mathematical Constants 
For you advanced mathematicians out there.
Basic Math Concepts and Fundamentals
And for the rest of us. :)
Algebra Problems On-Line 
A collection of links to other algebra sites.
Abstract Algebra On-line 
This is a big one!
Algebra1: Graphing Linear Equations 
You need an advanced web browser for this one. 
[email protected] Homepage 
A good calculus site.
Geometry Formulas and Facts
A really good site to learn geometric formulas.
Basics in Geometry 
A small site but good for beginners.
Bill Nye the Science Guy 
Gotta do a science project? Get some great ideas here.
Discovery Channel Online
Among other great things, you'll find mind games here.
Introduction to Muscle Physiology and Design 
All about muscles. What else?
Physiology Instructional Materials 
Several papers by various doctors.
Pictures of body parts.
Human Anatomy On-Line 
You'll need Java here.
The Electronic Zoo 
All about animals.
The World of Insects 
If you want information on a specific insect, you'll find it here!
Alphabetical List of Diseases and Disorders
Do you think you want to be a doctor? This should interest you.
Aquatic Plant Glossary 
Learn about plants that live in the water.
Time-Life Virtual Garden Encyclopedia
This is a great one. It has just about every plant species imaginable!
Interested in DNA? 
Constellations and Their Stars 
Astronomy at its finest!
The Nine Planets 
Learn about the planets!
General Chemistry Glossary 
Just learning chemistry? Here are the terms you need to know.
Chemistry Tutor Page 
Get help with your chemistry homework.
If Bio Chemistry is your interest, you'll love this one.
The Mineral Gallery 
Minerals Galore!
Volcano World 
All about Volcanoes.
All About Dinosaurs
A fun site!
On of the best weather spots on the net!
Ocean Planet 
Learn about the seas!
National Geographic Society Map Machine 
Make all kinds of maps!
Maps and References 
A really nice geographical page!
Understanding the Federal Courts 
Everyone should know about our court system!
Shakespeare Bookshelf 
Hamlet and more!
The Great Books Homepage
Looking for a good book?
Catalog of Electronic Texts on the Internet 
Read online.
Children's Books and Folktales 
For the little ones!
Of Gods and Men
Classics on Line
The classic books page.
Elementary Grammar 
Need help with using correct grammar?
Purdue On-line Writing Lab
This will help you learn to write better!
World History 1500 
For those history buffs!
More Mythology.
United States History
Learn what makes us American!
The Constitution of the United States of America
Probably the most important writing there is!
Presidents of the United States 
From George Washington to George W. Bush and everyone in between!
Presidential Inaugural Addresses
They're all here!
The American Presidency by Grolier's Online
Learn what it means to be the President.
Grolier's Online WWII History 
Interested in W.W.II? You'll find some nice stuff here.
The American Civil War Home Page 
Read about the war that made all Americans free!
Plymouth History 
This is a really nice place to learn about the early settlers.
The Human Language Page 
You'll find all kinds of languages here.
The French Page 
French anyone?
Spanish Lessons for Beginners 
Learn to speak Spanish!
Catalogue of Classical Composers
Like classical music? This is for you!
International Lyrics Server 
Words to just about every song there is!
Leonardo da Vinci Museum-
Learn about the famous painter and see his works.
National Gallery of Art 
Now you "have" to find what your looking for here!
World Art Treasures 
All kinds of art.
Art History Resources on the Web
Trying to find out about an artist?
Computers: History and Development 
Where did it all begin?
For you techies who are really into the depths of your computer!
utexas mac archive 
Got a Mac? Need help? Go here!
A Beginners Guide to HTML 
Anyone starting a home page needs to know at least a little HTML!
Web Mastery 
If you want to make a web page, start here.
Free graphics for your home page.
Jay's Original Backgrounds
Really nice backgrounds!
Bells and Whistles 
Need help with your computer?
The Ultimate Winsock Collection (by Tucows) 
Having trouble with your browser? You may need to stop in here.
On-Line Jeopardy 
The online version of the popular game. Turn the sound on!
Java Puzzle Collection 
Now this is fun! But you need a Java enabled browser!

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