Guess Who #10

This week's Guess Who's are:

#1-   a. They love visiting Maine.
         b. Their favorite thing to do is travel North Carolina with their pets.
         c. The Guess Who is female.

#2-    a. Their guinea pig was named Scooter / Karl.
          b. They enjoy a particular sport a lot, and are thinking about getting a scholarship on it.
          c. She has one sister.

#3-     a. She loves animals.
           b. She draws dogs and cats extremely well .
           c. Her last name begins with a S.

Try to get those hard ones!!

07 Jan 2009
by Rose O'Brien

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Guess Who #9
Person #1
1. This person likes spending time with someone who is fuzzy.
2. This person talks a lot.
3. This person always has something to do with Pokémon in their jacket.

 Person #2
1. This person lives on a farm.
2. This person has a friend named Murphey.
3. This person carries a comb in their hands.

Person #3
1. This person solved a Pokémon Sudoku.
2. This person is a terrrific trumpeteer.
3. This person has a confusing name.




10 Dec 2008
by Paulina Powierza

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Guess Who #8
Person #1
1. He is in a band.
2. Has no pets.
3. Lives in Kernersvillie

Person #2
1. He is obsesed with a certain band.
2. He plays guitar.
3. Has 15 pets.

Person #3
1. He is very techo.
2. He is VERY tall.
3. Has over 130 kids
19 Nov 2008
by Chris Underdal

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Guess Who #7
Person #1:
1.  Their sister has had a major operation in the past year.
2. They are in the top band in All-County Band for playing a brass instrument.
3. They live in Clemmons.

Person #2  
1. Enjoys following a particular sport
2. Has two brothers that are just as energetic as he is.
3. Plays piano very well.

Person #3
1. Calls everyone hon.
2. Always speaks her mind.
3. Mother's maiden name is the same as her Father's last name.
12 Nov 2008
by Candace Mulherin

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Guess Who #6
Person #1
1. He loves baseball.
2. He is funny.
3. He is short.

Person #2
1. He plays guitar.
2. He is good at lacrosse.
3. He is really strong.

Person #3
1. She loves to dance.
2. She is very relaxed, (usually)
3. She has brown hair.
05 Nov 2008
by Jackson Phipps

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Guess Who #5

Person #1
1. He plays classic soccer.
2. He has a myspace account
3. He has gone out with 3 girls at Hanes.

Person #2
1. She hurts herself often.
2. She is blonde even though she is a brunette.
3. She hates ice cream.

Ideas contributed by Kilby & Paulina
22 Oct 2008
by Paulina Powierza

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Guess Who #4
Person #1:
1.loves to eat yogurt
2.says silly goose (a lot)
3.has really big hair

Person #2:
1.likes to shake peoples hands
2.loves McCain
3.tells very cheesy jokes

Person #3:
1.has curly hair an amazing trumpet player
3.wears blue nike shoes

Person #4:
1. rides the bus that is always late
2. has a fluffy dog who's was named after a University
3. hates yogurt

Person #5:
1. Hates being looked at at lunch
2. turns VERY red when he's embarrassed
3. has 128 kids
22 Oct 2008
by Lindsay Wilcox

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Guess Who #3
Person #1:
She hurts herself often.
She is blonde even though she is a brunette.
She hates ice cream.

Person #2:
She is a brunette.
She has a lot of wrist bands.
She like to write articles about politics.

Person #3:
She is very blonde (in the head).
She loves to play sports.
She loves sour skittles.

22 Oct 2008
by Paulina Powierza

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Guess Who #2
Person 1:
1. Does not go by their real name
2. Loves to read
3. Just got a brand new kitten

Person 2:
1. Has two fish named Abraham and Lincoln
2. Plays World of Warcraft
3. Was in Battle of the Books last year
15 Oct 2008
by Emma Sullivan

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Guess Who #1
    The Guess Who's for this week are...
Person #1:
1. This person's middle name is the name of a very popular children's book turtle.
2. This person has one brother.
3. This person can do a particular hand game very fast.

Person #2:
1. This person has two cats.
2. This person has been to Europe twice.
3. This person's last name is also the last name of the Brave Heart main character William -------.

Person #3:
1. This person is a substitute for the Navigator team.
2. She likes the name Courtney.
3. She often subs for Mrs. Hudspeth's girl's gym class.

Hope you get them. These are the first so they're pretty easy. 

08 Oct 2008
by Rose O'Brien

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Guess Who #29
Alright last week's Guess Whos were Gunnar and Marcus. Hope these will be more challenging.

1. Is a certain type of super hero.
2. Has runaway pets, (that all died!)
3. Acts like ancient reptiles for a month once a year, usually at camp.

1. Has a routine way of exiting sixth period.
2. Scooters down hills!
3. His dog does "Doggy Magic!"

Ok guys good luck!!!
14 Mar 2008
by rseehausen

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Guess Who #28
I think that I actualy stumped you guys this time. The first one was the beautiful Brittney Spears and the second was Mrs.Hudpeth. Hopefully I can continue the streak.

Guess Who #1
1. Wears monthly contacts.
2. Has had 2 girlfriends.
3. Got straight A's and a little extra at the end of the year.

Guess Who #2
1. Is a ninja.
2. Lives in Pfafftown.
3. Has a Wii.

Good Luck.
07 Mar 2008
by rseehausen

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Guess Who #27
I don't know the answer to last week's number one since I did not do it but number two is Jackie. Hopefully you won't be able to get these.

Guess Who #1
1. Has a little sister with the initials JLS.
2. Likes to speak in different accents.
3. Doesn't like court.

Guess Who #2
1. Likes to exercise.
2. Hates alchol and drugs.
3. Talks to Mr. Stamp a lot.

Good Luck.

29 Feb 2008
by rseehausen

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Guess Who #26
This week's Guess Who should be quite difficult....good luck! 

Guess Who #1
1. Has a fish named Gilbert
2. Their name is oftenly mis-pronounced
3. Their mom used to play hockey

Guess Who #2
1. Gave Caroline a terrible "cough"
2. Named their dog after the state they were born in
3. Has a younger brother that has been called "young lady" by a photographer

Co-written by the one and only, amazing Brooke McGirr
15 Feb 2008
by cborton

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♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Guess Who # 25 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Hey you Guess Who extrordinares, here's another Guess Who for you. Our Mystery Person #1 last week was none other than Kenny Jung and our Guess Who #2 was Maggie Booz.

Mystery Person #1
1.  Has been to 8 different schools in the last 4 years ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
2.  Loves Catsup
3.  This person loves pidgeons ♥♥♥♥♥

Mystery Person #2
1. This person has a brother at Reynolds
2. This person has the voice of over 100 people
3. This person's brother gives good advice

Good luck, and remember that I wuv u this much ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Happy Valentines Day!!!
15 Feb 2008
by jpittman

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